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3001 Bern
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Philippe Dové, Attorney at Law
Managing Director of PD-CONSULTING GmbH

  • Attorney at Law (University in Bern, 1989)
  • Post graduate studies: LL.M. in International Business Law, specializing in Banking-, Capital Markets- and Insurance Law (University of Zürich, 1998)
  • Trainer, Consultant, Compliance Officer for FI in the sector Anti-Money Laundering, Asset Management and Financial Service Law,
  • Trainer and Partner of SAAM in the sector Asset Management and Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • External Legal and Compliance Officer
  • info@pd-consulting.ch




Nikolaos Gitonidis

  • MLaw
  • Head Compliance DZ Privatbank AG (Schweiz)
  • ngitonidis@dz-privatbank.com






Dr. iur. Christina Brugger, attorney-at-law

  • Attorney at Law
  • KPMG AG, FS Regulatory & Compliance
  • cbrugger@kpmg.com







Dr. iur. Michael Daphinoff

  • Attorney at Law, LL.M.
  • Walder Wyss Rechtsanwälte in Bern und Zürich
  • Member of Litigation & Arbitration-Team
  • michael.daphinoff@walderwyss.com






Dr. iur. Pascal Zysset

  • Attorney at Law
  • Walder Wyss Rechtsanwälte in Bern und Zürich
  • Member of Banking & Finance-Team
  • pascal.zysset@walderwyss.com







Working with lawyers and civil law notaries, auditors and other specialists, offers the opportunity for interdisciplinary solutions (eg business and financial law in connection, administrative law, business penal law, tax law, succession law, special cases of corporate law).